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Our Story

Craig Primack, MD FACP, FOMA  and Robert Ziltzer, MD, FACP We started our careers as primary care doctors.  While we loved the continuity of care and relationships we developed, we were increasingly frustrated by the need to spend most of our visits refilling multiple blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and arthritis medications.  Most of our patients had obesity and overweight, and this was the real root cause of their chronic medical conditions.  We knew all of these pills were just a Band-Aid for their underlying disease.  We became burned out:  we were not making a difference in our patient’s lives.  There had to be a better way to help our patients attain better health. 

In 2006, we learned about the specialty of Obesity Medicine, and through this knowledge gained the tools to help people lose profound amounts of weight: 50 lbs. or more.  Within our Internal Medicine and Pediatrics practice, we started a weight management program.  Our patients trusted us with their other medical problems, so they also trusted us to treat their obesity.  Our patients lost lots of weight, but most importantly, they felt fit, gained improved self-esteem, and quickly came off many of their blood pressure and diabetes pills.  Their back and leg joint pain improved, and they were able to stop taking their arthritis meds.  Through our patients' success we regained the joy of medicine and were finally able to improve our patient’s lives. 

We soon became certified in Obesity Medicine, and within 6 months were able to transition our entire practice to weight management.  Having now successfully grown to 4 successful clinics in the Phoenix metropolitan area, we were concerned that doctors around the country did not have the tools to manage their overweight patients.   Out of this need was born, “Your Better Self®,” a system that incorporates all we have learned.  Treating obesity is not difficult if you have the right tools, a modest amount of training and the expertise of physicians who have been practicing weight management full time since 2006.  Our mission is to help great physicians become great weight loss physicians, who can vastly improve the lives of their patients.  We are improving the weight of the world!

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