• Training doctors to treat obesity successfully!


Overewight and obesity affect over 2/3 of patients you see each day and is a core cause of many of their medical problems. Health care providers have lacked the tools to successfully treat their patients with obesity. Until now...
  • Fast: Quicker weight loss is actually healthier and safer when supervised by physicians.
  • Proven and effective tools that work.
  • Treat patients for their actual medical disease: Obesity. Not just a Band-Aid on the comorbidities like hypertension and hyperlipidemia.
  • Save time: Streamlined visits that do not disrupt patient flow.
  • Training: Quickly Gain the medical skills to treat obesity in your own practice taught by national experts in the field of obesity.
  • Improve your patient’s health. Reduce their blood pressure and diabetes medications.
  • Improve patient satisfaction with your practice while improving your practice revenue.
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